Leadership train is leaving the station

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President & CEO, Bonita Springs Chamber of Commerce

Did you knowk thath our communityi iis run by volunteer leaders, many of whom moved here from another state or country? Some are retired, some are still working but all provide an invaluable service to our nonprofit organizations, community committees and schools. I mention all this because this week we launch our 15th Leadership Bonita program with 29 enthusiastic and committed individuals looking to learn and grow into the next generation of leaders. e wuct These are the people providing what our community will need to move us successfully forward in the years to come. Not sure if this pa is a compelling project? Well, we do, and here’s why. Just think about it. If the only folks who get involved in running our committees are over 60, we are not going to have a highly balanced team to carry the ball up the field. These are important groups such as the tree committee, technology committee, zoning, planning, art in public places committee, and more. Where will the Assistance

Office and Literacy Council get their leaders from? And what about leadership at the county level? Are you starting to wake up to the significance of being engaged?

Our passion here at the Bonita Springs Area Chamber is to train the leaders for tomorrow by exposing them to the CEOs and officers of every facet of the inner workings of our city and county. From the front lines of the public safety systems to the back of the house at one of our largest resort properties, we provide participants a reality check into what it takes to run and service our economy and quality of life here in Southwest Florida. The 29 participants in this class are: Sara McCallum - Bonita Community Health Center, Inc.; Nicole Somsen - U.S. Metropolitan Telecom; Ann Walsh - Vi at Bentley Village; Tom Foreman - The Client Server, Inc.; Allison Krider - Lee Physician Group; Ceil Mosher - Fine- Mark National Bank & Trust; David Teets - Vasari Country Club; Elena Bazanos - Comcast Spotlight; Cindy J Cedeno - First Citizens Bank; Brandi Howell - Stroemer & Company PA; Cindy Kruesi - John R. Wood Realtors; Debra Haley - New Horizons of Southwest Florida; Peter Kitzerow - Free Market Financial; Ed Smith - Cotrell Law & Title Group; Douglas E. Wiebel CPA - Wiebel, Hennells & Carufe, PLLC; Chantal Sheehan - Susan Holly, CPA, PA; Tim Carson - Estero United Methodist; Greg DeWitt - Bonita Springs Fire Control & Rescue District; Kathryn Guyitt - Golden Remodeling, Inc.; David Glenn - Foundation for the Developmentally Disabled; Michael Harris - The News-Press Media Group; Matt Feeney - City of Bonita Springs; Jeff Dektas - Lee County Sheriffs Office; Maria Berdusco - Leadership International; Tess Brennan - Healthy Grease Monkey; Penny Fisher - Bonita Daily News/The Banner; Steven Merkel - Ciccarelli Advisory Services, Inc.; Stefanie Eakin - Sunstream Hotels & Resorts; and Jacqui Schulz - Bonita Springs Utilities, Inc.

Congratulate them when you see them for taking the reins and think about your own engagement level for next June. Don’t be left behind. The community leadership train is moving and you need to be on it. A progressive sustainable future requires a diverse collection of people to help shape our community for tomorrow. ¦

2013-06-06 / Business News

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